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Topping Off Bottom Funnel Content: 5 Ways to Stretch Your Product Marketing Content

By Hally Pinaud


You hear a lot about repurposing content these days, but nine times out of ten, it’s programmatic content. That’s great – we should always make the most of our limited marketing resources. And while we always think great Top-Funnel (TOFU) content is required in volume, fresh Bottom-Funnel (BOFU) stuff is also pretty darn important, especially for sales enablement. Here are a few ways our team is making more out of our product content:

  1. Sales Tidbits: Our sellers are always looking to add value and stay top-of-mind with their prospects and clients via social channels and email. Typically, your sellers’ networks know your company, so it’s a great channel for more product-level marketing. When we deliver a sales training or piece of BOFU content, we try to think through takeaways that might make good ready-made messages or “Tweetables” (images or takeaways for tweeting).

Source: Better Demand Gen

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