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Outsourcing Customer Service: Call Center Week Round Table

By: Lisa Figura

5 Myths of Outsourcing Customer ServiceI recently conducted a lively round table discussion at Call Center Week 2014 around some of the myths about outsourcing customer service. I asked the attendees to share their ideas and got a variety of responses.

They were concerned about loss of control of the relationships with their customers, learning to trust a new vendor and determining when they should even consider moving from in-house to outsourcing. We also discussed off-shoring versus near-shoring (closer to your timezone, agents that don’t sound foreign). What was interesting to me was they echoed essentially all of the myths we recently published in a white paper “Dispelling Five Myths about Outsourcing Customer Care”:

  • Myth #1: I’ll lose touch with our customer care process – and our customers.
  • Myth #2: I will have to give up control.
  • Myth #3: I can achieve better results in-house.
  • Myth #4: I can only outsource simple processes.
  • Myth #5: All vendors are the same, so I should hire the cheapest one.

Check out the white paper which dispels these myths and provides guidance around what to look for to find the right partner.

What other hesitations do you have about outsourcing customer service? Are there any other myths you have encountered? Let me know – I look forward to the dialog!

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