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Mail and Fulfillment

Shipping fulfillment post
Recognition Program Awards Top 5 Truckload Carriers; $1000 Grand Prize Awarded at Year's End

In today's digital world, direct mail is often overlooked. Yet as one of the most effective marketing tools around, direct mail is a key cornerstone of many successful campaigns. With a response rate of approximately four [...]

future of direct mail
My selfie with the Postmaster General, Megan Brennan, at the National Postal Forum

Of the myriad of industries affected by the shift to digital, the postal service may have been amongst the hardest hit. With the introduction of email and texts in the early 2000s, hand-written letters became increasingly antiquated [...]

USPS mailbox network rationalization
Credit: Teresa Boardman

Fifty senators, mostly democrats, recently signed a letter requesting that Phase 2 of the USPS Network Rationalization plan, due to occur in January of 2015, be delayed for one year. This facility consolidation effort consists of the closure of 82 mail-processing facilities [...]

Big Bank Saves Big Money, Optimizes Mail
from Nicole Bump | Fri, Aug 15, 2014 7:45:00 PM,
Optimize Direct Mail: Bank saves $226K/year

If you're producing and mailing marketing collateral, it's probably costing you a decent chunk of change. From print costs to postage, direct mail can be costly. But with the right industry know-how, you can optimize direct mail pieces, reducing costs through efforts like envelope changes, switching up the mail schedule [...]

USPS mail bins: postal reform

Several months ago the USPS announced that they were putting their facility consolidation process on hold due to Congressional activity around potential postal reform. Part of the proposed Senate bill required facility levels as of October 1, 2013.

Well, it doesn't look like there will be postal reform this year, [...]

Tweet about RH direct mail failure

One of the biggest sins in the marketing world is to assume that you absolutely know your customers. That your customers will never change and that you are assured a successful campaign working from your old ideas of what the customer wants and needs. Restoration Hardware recently [...]

Woman getting direct mail out of mailbox

By: Charley Howard

With over thirty years in the direct mail and postal industries, I've had the privilege of watching trends rise and fall, marketing innovations come and go. One of the most interesting turns of the tide has been that of direct mail.

For years now, digital communication channels—email, social media, [...]

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