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Go Where No Marketer Has Gone Before with CRM

By Niranjan Oak, Senior Consultant II, Nuedesic

Remember the classic Star Trek TV series? Captain Kirk’s mission was to explore new worlds and civilizations by going into deep space where no one had gone before. Imagine if Starship Enterprise and Captain Kirk were in the business of marketing. What would their “mission statement” look like? Maybe something like: “Growth: The final frontier! These are the voyages of today’s marketers. The five year mission to explore new markets, to seek out new customers, and to boldly go where no marketer has gone before.”


Source: Trillium Software

One thought on “Go Where No Marketer Has Gone Before with CRM

  1. LOVE IT … I think the reason this caught my eye more than anything, my husband passed away 2 months ago. I am 60 years old and starting over. The go where no marketer would dare to go, strikes such a cord. So the Star Trek was talked about in his room as he was passing away, and it is taking me on a voyage I never thought I would ever have to go on. And then after reading this cute solution to one of my problems, Star Trek the voyage, the market, the customers, dear lord, o so true! I did this in ’72 and believe me old is new, and if you turn around, it is the same thing with a little bit of a different spin. I really enjoyed reading all the articles, and crying at the same time.

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