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Frank Grillo and John Deighton on Digital Marketing

A conversation between Professor John Deighton of Harvard Business School and Frank Grillo, CMO of Harte Hanks, on the future of digital marketing.

Frank Grillo

In 2007, John Deighton and Leora Kornfeld[1] wrote an article exposing how marketers in the 1990s had incorrectly predicted the future of digital [...]


Every CMO must take stock of where their organization is and make decisions about what's most important for the future. This can be an overwhelming process, with priorities coming from business units, IT, customer service, and the executive team, among others.

A solid fact base is needed to make defensible [...]

mobile customer experience

For most of us, our smartphone is practically an extension of our body. The vast majority of brands today, however, are struggling to orchestrate outstanding intuitive mobile customer experiences.

The smartphone is truly ingrained in our daily lives. As Google notes, 87% of us always have one by our side [...]

true religion apple watch app aids in Convergence of digital and physical shopping

Historically, brick-and-mortar retailers have approached development of their online storefronts fatalistically. Companies thought that increasing online business couldn't happen without poaching from brick-and-mortar storefronts—and if anyone was going to poach brick-and-motor business, it might as well be that same company's online business. Online and bricks-and-mortar retail were treated as two [...]

boost conversions with facebook in digital funnel

How big of a role should Facebook play in your organization's digital funnel and overall conversion process? Bigger than you might think.

I've spoken with a lot of marketers who think Facebook isn't the right place to get in front of their target audiences. The assumption: spending money on Facebook ads [...]

delta tweets inaccurate photo for world cup

We've been hearing a lot lately about Donald Trump's tweets and tweeting behavior (like here and here and here). Dan Rather explains that this is because he is the first “social president,” just like John. F. Kennedy was the first “television president.” They were not the [...]

social media week

Recently Bristol played host to some of the finest social media minds in the country with over 1,500 attendees participating in 50 fact-packed Social Media Week events across the city. Harte Hanks sent a team to investigate.

With speakers from Facebook and Twitter at the same event we were never [...]


Before a snowflake has fallen or a holiday decoration is placed, retailers and consumers indices' have already planned on the sales expectations they want to achieve. While the digital frontier shows no sign of slowing, now is the time to prepare for 2017.

A recent report by McKinsey Global Institute [...]

iOS 10 simple unsubscribe

In a continuing effort to improve their customers' experience, Apple recently began releasing iOS 10 and will continue throughout the fall. The release includes features and issues that will have a direct impact on email marketers. Most importantly:

Simple unsubscribe option Less real estate in the pre-header section Spotty support for image scaling Ability [...]
analytics illustration

I've spent much of my career working in data-driven marketing roles and delivering insights for B2C brands, but over the last decade the balance has shifted and I now work almost exclusively with B2B businesses. While some of the differences between the two worlds are to be expected, such as [...]


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