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How to Use Combinatorics to Generate Good Ideas
from Walt Ruday | Thu, Jan 19, 2017 5:49:00 PM,

How do you get to the answer of determining how one agency sets themselves apart? In my experience in the agency world, most, if not all, advertising agencies talk like they are selling you the same thing: 50% creative idea generation plus 50% management and organization of those ideas so [...]

execs focus on artificial intelligene

We all know by now that consumers are in the driver's seat when it comes to marketing and the customer experience in 2017. To meet their ever-increasing expectations, we'll need to get to know them at a deeper level than ever before and speak to them more contextually than we've [...]

data-driven creative makes an impression on a mobile user

Data, data, data. It's at the heart of just about everything today and getting cleverer by the minute. But what does that mean for creativity? Right now, data-driven creative is a much-discussed topic in the marketing world. And for decades, we've been marrying data and creativity to make amazing things [...]

Cashier provides ROA, the most important marketing metric

We've been discussing the importance of meeting customer demands for context and personalization in 2017. So far, we have established that we need to think beyond one-to-one marketing and focus on the small data to succeed in this Age of ‘Me,'.

The next area all marketing leaders must critically [...]

small data about your prospects paints a clearer picture

We've established that this is the year of the consumer. We're living in The Age of ‘Me', and that means that as marketers, we really need to understand who our customers and our prospects are—and we need to use that to speak to them contextually.

I started off my 2017 [...]


Many retailers are beginning to feel like competing with a dominant force like Amazon is a losing battle.

In the recent article “Can your brand win vs. Amazon?,” CEO Mike Edwards examines the struggle for vendors and retailers to remain profitable in the shadow of the online retail [...]

Marketing success in 2017

Reading through the many 2017 marketing predictions, there is one resounding theme: consumers are running the show. As Forrester says, all markets are on the move in response to consumer demands—even utility companies are launching customer experience initiatives.

We're living in The Age of ‘Me', and that means that as [...]


Attention has become more than simply an ingredient of advertising–it's become the currency of success. In today's digital age, marketers look to create ‘thumb-stopping moments'; unique periods of time where consumers see enough value in what they're being shown to pause and fully absorb. Moments that deliver empathy-sparking cues; resonate [...]

delta tweets inaccurate photo for world cup

We've been hearing a lot lately about Donald Trump's tweets and tweeting behavior (like here and here and here). Dan Rather explains that this is because he is the first “social president,” just like John. F. Kennedy was the first “television president.” They were not the [...]

planning for customer centricity

Customer centricity, the customer journey and the customer experience are the big buzz in marketing. But customer centricity takes a lot of time and money. How can you be sure it's paying off? You're making changes, but are they the right changes? You have 1,000 priorities; what's your best [...]

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