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content for account based marketing

Content marketing is already a well-established tactic for B2B companies. According to Content Marketing Institute, 88% of B2B marketers are using content marketing. And most marketers already understand how content fits into a demand generation strategy: you create great content, promote that content across channels, encourage people to fill [...]

finance buyer's journey

Synchrony Financial understands that those big buys in life often don't happen on a whim. Behind every major purchase are real people weighing up their options and deciding to part with their dollars to fulfill different needs based on their individual situations. For lenders, it's important to understand [...]

how to do market segmentation with strategic gameboard 1

There are only a few products in the world that are designed to meet everyone's needs equally. For the most part, if you think the whole market is your opportunity, you're wrong.

You may have a distinct opportunity in each segment, but best-in-class marketers make sure they're targeting the audiences with [...]

buyer personas are not just customer segmentations

Let's pretend you've just moved homes. You probably expect to receive a few postcards from local retailers congratulating you on your new move and welcoming you to the neighborhood with a coupon for things like new dishes and towels. You're a “new mover,” so that makes sense, right?

But what if [...]

improve customer experience in financial services

In a recent interview with Quirk's Media, Nancy Vogt, VP of Customer Experience with Zions Bank, discussed the implications of an important factor in market research: survey fatigue.

She explained, “In recent years, as we've become ever more cognizant of survey fatigue, we've had to think long and hard about [...]

Traditional Buyer's Journey Map

Google indicates that mobile had a 20% increase in market share, while time per visit declined 18%. eMarketer predicts that by 2020 mobile will represent 74% of digital ad spending. These and similar findings led Google to conclude that mobile consumers move through their journeys in spurts rather [...]

social hijacking of mardi gras 1

Is there a winning formula for brands looking be part of social buzz during major events and holidays?

Nick LaBran, my fellow social intelligence guru at Harte Hanks, and I hypothesized that both national and global events would raise significant interest from brands looking to “news-jack” the use of social channels [...]

air bnb ad
Airbnb Super Bowl ad promotes certain values. Does the company live by them?

Elsie Maio is on a mission – to empower high performing businesses to profitably align with the wellbeing of humanity. Since 1994, she has been touted as a practical visionary in the field of high performance brand [...]

planning for customer centricity in the B2B tech buyer's journey

Imagine that you're a marketer currently researching a new martech solution for your team. At the beginning of your search when you land on one company's website, what are you looking for? If you're like me, you want to understand what the company does and whether the solution is relevant [...]

align buyer personas to the buyer journey

Customer experience marketing is a proven antidote to the complex buyer journeys that characterize the B2B sector today. The goal is to serve highly relevant content to buyers in the right place at the right time, enhancing lead nurture and conversion to deliver better revenue growth.

Progressive firms are achieving [...]

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