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Trillium Quality for Salesforce 1.2
from Trillium Software | Mon, Oct 17, 2016 6:05:00 PM,
Trillium Quality for Salesforce

by Keith Kohl, VP Product Management, Trillium Software

We've all seen the statistics on data quality degradation, particularly in CRM systems like Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics CRM. I've seen stats of anywhere from 2% to over 6% data quality degradation every month. Think about what [...]

iOS 10 simple unsubscribe

In a continuing effort to improve their customers' experience, Apple recently began releasing iOS 10 and will continue throughout the fall. The release includes features and issues that will have a direct impact on email marketers. Most importantly:

Simple unsubscribe option Less real estate in the pre-header section Spotty support for image scaling Ability [...]
Data Quality Challenges

by Chris Martins, Product Marketing Manager, Trillium Software

It's there every time I get in my car, nagging me. There's this little wrench icon, which began to appear about a month ago. And there's the service notification in the middle of my dashboard, with the mileage indicator (-891) telling me [...]

Delivering Quality

by Chris Martins, Product Marketing Manager, Trillium Software

Considering a data quality program? What's the best way to implement it? One of the decisions that organizations must make is where data quality (Trillium's focus) fits within their overall approach to technology architecture and business solutions. Is data quality technology a [...]


It certainly doesn't feel like the U.S. economy is firing on all cylinders. We're experiencing a volatile stock market. Department stores and big retailers are struggling. A recent spike in oil prices could further impact consumer spending. However, despite a sluggish economy through the first half of 2016, the housing [...]

Single View of the Customer or Single View for the Customer

by Chris Martins, Product Marketing Manager, Trillium Software

The concept of a single or unified customer view has long been expressed as a key motivation for investing in CRM, both in terms of an overall CRM strategy as well as its supporting systems. Given the complexity of modern IT architectures [...]


In our last article we discussed how the advent of IoT is bringing marketers an overwhelming amount of data, behemoth data, that can be synthesized into usable knowledge that can drive more effective customer journeys. With companies having access to all of this data, we'd like to talk more about [...]

Good Data – An Essential Part of the Marketing Recipe

by Chris Martins, Product Marketing Manager, Trillium Software

Trillium recently hosted a webinar during which John Coe, a co-founder at, discussed the changing role that customer data has in today's marketing environment. The key point [...]


Being connected via wearables without your mobile device is already a reality with untethered Tech, like Android Wear and the Samsung Gear S2, which both support e-SIMs tapping into your pre-existing cell network at no extra cost. It's a good bet that every smartwatch brand will have an LTE version [...]

With the advent of smart technology, we are getting ever closer to the Orsen Wells imagined world of Big Brother oversight in everyday interactions…and many of us are starting to like it because it makes our decision-making easier, our lives more efficient and allows us to do more of the [...]

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